Cartoon Fish Bundle

Cartoon Fish Bundle

Wobblefin Studios / Aquatic Character Pack.

This is our limited time only pack of Sea Cartoon Characters! An opportunity to have your own collection of cartoon characters in 3D.

Included in this pack are the following.

  • Cartoon Crab – Modelled Character only
  • Cartoon Whale – Modelled Character only
  • Cartoon Dolphin – Modelled Character only
  • Cartoon Shark – Modelled Character only
  • Cartoon Jellyfish – Modelled Character only
  • Cartoon Manta Ray – Rigged in 3DS MAX
  • Cartoon Puffer Fish – Rigged in 3DS Max
  • Cartoon Frog – Rigged in 3DS Max
  • Cartoon Angler fish – Rigged in Maya/Max

Please note before you buy which characters are rigged in which software. .obj and .fbx files are included but may not work when trying to import a 3DS max rig into Maya.

All models were built in 3ds max but a lot of them have .fbx and all have .obj format should you need them to be imported into other software packages. The angler fish has now been built also in Maya so you have the best of both worlds if you want to focus on this cool character. The textures however are just shaders running complicated levels in some cases and these will not transfer through to Maya.

All characters are set up to render in Vray.

The scenes themselves are simple studio lighting scenes that are all included in each model pack. If you would like to see more images of one of the characters to convince you of how great a deal this is then head on over to Wobblefin Studios profile and look for that specific character. You can then see for yourselves the images and poly count for each character.

All together these characters bought separately would cost you more than 500 Dollars so hopefully you can see the value in buying the pack itself! You will save over 200 Dollars!

If you have any questions or difficulties or would like us to export a format of one or more characters for you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wobblefin Studios using the 3D Support link in the sidebar.

Regards The Wobblefin Team.

View the Portfolio to buy each one separately and others!

Below are the characters in the pack. You can buy each one separately.